At AIB, Students receive more than $4.9 million in institutional scholarships and grants.

Need help paying for college tuition and expenses?  AIB's Forsyth Financial Aid Offices staff is eager to assist students in making college an affordable option, regardless of your financial background.  Our knowledgeable financial aid professionals will assist you with the financial aid process.  No appointment is necessary!  Can't stop by?  No problem.  E-mail us at or give us a call at 515-697-5907.

Financial Aid Options

  • Financial Aid Checklist

    Apply for admission if you are a:

    • New student
    • Reentry student

    Complete the 2015-2016 FAFSA online at

    • Include AIB’s name and code (003963)
    • If 2014 federal income tax returns for you or your parents will not be completed in time to meet the April 1 deadline, estimate your income on the FAFSA. Corrections can be made when your 2014 tax return is filed.
    • If you are a dependent student, you and your parent will be given the opportunity to obtain credentials while completing the FAFSA online. 

    Complete all documents requested on MyAIB portal.

    • AIB may request that students complete additional documentation on their student portal at These documents may include, but are not limited to, an Authorization Form, Financial Terms & Conditions and/or FAFSA verification documents.

    When AIB receives confirmation of completion of the above items, documents will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness. You will be notified if additional information is needed. Please return all requested documentation to AIB immediately.

    When AIB receives documentation, it will conduct another file review. If necessary, AIB will make corrections to your FAFSA. After the final file review, AIB will determine eligibility and will send an Award Notice to you. When you receive your Award Notice, you will be given more instructions on how to complete the remainder of the process.

  • Scholarships

    AIB offers more than $4.9 million per year in both merit and need-based institutional scholarships and grants. Scholarship and grant recipients are determined using a variety of eligibility criteria. To qualify for need-based scholarships, you must apply and be accepted by AIB's priority deadline of April 1.

    Merit based scholarships are automatically awarded.
    Need based scholarships are awarded based on financial need and require the completion of the FAFSA.
    Find out more about AIB’s merit based and need based scholarships

  • Grants

    Grants are available for students with financial need and are based on the family’s financial ability to pay. Click here to find out more about the types of grants available.

  • Loans

    Loans are borrowed money, provided either through the Department of Education or through a private lender.  This is money that must be paid back with interest. 

    Check out college loan options.

  • Student Employment / Work Study

    At AIB, there are two types of student employment.

    College Work Study
    is a federally funded program that allows students to hold part-time employment either on campus or with a nonprofit agency that has entered into a contract with the college.  Students must complete the FAFSA to qualify.

    Part-time employment
     is available both on and off campus and can help defray college expenses as well as provide valuable learning experiences.  AIB's Career Services Department posts many part-time positions as they are available and will assist students with the hiring process.

  • Military Benefits

    Military benefits may be available for students associated with the armed services. Please contact your branch of service for eligibility requirements, and the Forsyth Financial Aid Offices for more information. 

  • Tuition Reimbursement / Employer Education Reimbursement Program

    The Employer Education Reimbursement Program (EERP) is for students who are employed by a company that provides reimbursement to their employees for educational expenses. This may include reimbursement for tuition, fees and/or books. If you are eligible, please complete the EERP form and return to Ann Polito.

    If you have any questions or would like to establish an EERP plan, please contact:

    Ann M. Polito  
    Office:  515-246-5346 
    Fax:  515-244-6773  

  • Payment Plans

    This plan provides the option to spread the payments to AIB. If a payment plan is needed, the following options are available:

    • Traditional Payment Plan—Takes the personal balance due for the term with the $30.00 service fee and divides the balance into 3 payments.  Payments are due on the 15th of each month. 
    • Annual Payment Plan—Takes the estimated personal balance due for academic year with $30.00 service fee for each term and divides the balance into 6, 9, or 12 payments—depending on how many terms a student will be enrolled during the academic year.  Payments are due on the 15th of each month. 
    • Custom Payment Plan— Takes the personal balance due for the term with the $30.00 service fee and divides the balance by number of payments a student needs to make.  Payments may be made on an adjusted schedule that meets the student’s needs. 

    Payments received more than 5 days after the due date may be charged a $25.00 late fee. (Exception:  Under the Custom Payment Plan, a maximum of $25.00 per month may be charged for late payments.)

    Payment in full is required by the end of each term to assure continued enrollment in subsequent academic terms.

    If you have any questions or would like to establish a payment plan, please contact:

    Ann M. Polito  
    Office:  515-246-5346 
    Fax:  515-244-6773  

Filling out the FAFSA

See this series from Federal Student Aid for information and tips on how to fill out the FAFSA.